Wholistic Coin Analysis: Dragonchain


In 2014, Dragonchain was born in Seattle from the tech office of Disney. In 2016, the project was made open-source and made into the Dragonchain Foundation. The development is in the hands of Walt Disney developers, and members previously at other prestigious corporations such as Goldman Sachs and Coinbase.

Market Capitalization

  • Rank 67 market cap
  • 152 Million market cap
  • 238 Million circulating supply
  • 433 Million total supply

If we analyse the project based on Market Capitalization alone, we can see that it has a lot of room for growth due to the low popularity (not even in the top 50 coins).

WCA Score 85%


The project was started by Disney and was later released as open source in 2016. The team members are impressive and are experts in their respective fields.

  • Eileen Quenin has worked directly for Walt Disney, Amazon Payments, GE Healthcare and LexisNexis.
  • Joe Roets has a vast amount of experience (20 years) in dealing with privacy and scalability for Disney. This is important because the Dragonchain project deals with these issues on the blockchain. He has worked with Coinbase, Disney, Overstock and Symbiont.
  • Paul Sonier is an important addition to the team looking at his experience in Cloud Deployment. As DRGN are running on the AWS Platform and are working with IAGON, a decentralized cloud security AI system, Paul is in the team by no coincidence.

There are three other team members and four advisors to the Dragonchain project. One that especially deserves a mention is Tom Bush; Former Assistant Director for FBI, CJIS Division. Someone with connections like this, in addition to DRGN’s compliance to the SEC with their ICO, can be a formula for a good relationship with regulatory bodies moving forward. Some people mention DRGN being the American Ethereum, which could be a possibility in the future.

The VP of Starbucks Payments used to be on the advisory board but was removed recently. This could be to quash speculation but if we look at the global reach section on their front page, we can see that there are four black flags excluding Dragonchain; Expedia, Disney, Starbucks and Boeing.

What is strange is that there are also white flags, so the black could be a secret hint of partnerships, or using the Dragonchain incubator to bring these companies onto the blockchain.

This would make sense as this project aims to bring enterprises onto the blockchain, providing them with ease of use, as well as a scalability and privacy solution while doing so as it is a open/closed source hybrid.

WCA Score 95%

Concept (Whitepaper)

“A turnkey blockchain platform for business”

Dragonchain hope to fulfil their mission by fulfilling several needs:

  • Data protection and privacy regarding business operations
  • Using cloud technology for scalabiity
  • Can be used across different smart contract platforms (agnostic)
  • Marketplace where ICOs can be launched and funded by giving early-access incentives to loyal DRGN holders
  • Incubator for businesses that want to transition their businesses onto the blockchain (providing them access to legal, technical, marketing and economic matter experts)

As they are targeting certain blockchain needs from several angles and building an ecosystem, this could be a massive success as we see that their team is more than qualified to do the job. These have have a good chance of becoming the platform for enterprises to move onto the blockchain with, due to their compliance with the SEC so far, the ease of use, privacy & scalability and implementation of new cloud technology on the blockchain.

WCA Score 100%


The Dragonchain roadmap has been clearly demonstrated into dated calendar boxes. The dated milestones have been given a different icon for whether they are a. ‘Core Funding $10m goals’ or b. ‘stretch roadmap goals’.

As they aim to conduct a full platform rollout this year, we should be in for an eventful 2018 with new businesses joining the blockchain through the Dragonchain protocol and onto their marketplace.

Coin Analysis
WCA Score 90%


There are a couple of major competitors; ONT and ENG.

Ontology is a chinese company which also allows enterprises to transition onto the blockchain without any prior knowledge of cryptocurrency. Because it is chinese, I beleive there will not be much competition between the two because the location will allow for both to thrive in their respective countries.

Enigma is a privacy and scalability protocol which can help to keep data safe by storing it on a decentralized server, different to the cloud technology implemented by Dragonchain through Amazon (and later Iagon).

WCA Score 75%

Social / Interaction

  • Twitter followers: 70.3k
  • Twitter activity: roughly every day
  • Reddit: DRGN sub 3,772 readers. Dragonchain sub 5192 readers
  • Reddit interaction: approximately once a day
  • Blog posts: a few a month
WCA Score 80%

Exchanges being traded on / Liquidity

Trading on around 7 exchanges, with the majority being in Kucoin.This token is unique because it has not been listed on Binance yet. This is an opportunity because if it is listed on Binance at the right time (in a bullish environment), then we could see a surge in price.

WCA Score 95%

How active and transparent is the development of the project? (Github)

  • 11 Contributors
  • 243 Commits
  • Latest commit: A while ago
  • Although there are a fair number of contributors, DRGN is partly closed source so the analysis in this section of the token is limited. It needs to be partly closed source due to the data protection and security features mentioned above, so we can not adequately analyse the programming zeal at this moment.
WCA Score 60%

Wholistic Coin Analysis Summary

Market Capitalization
Concept (Whitepaper)
Exchanges / Liquidity
Project Development

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