7 Cryptocurrencies With High Potential & Low Market Caps

Outside of the normal cryptocurrency market cap scope of the top 10, there are so many new projects that are emerging, filling the gaps in this under-developed industry and escalating our blockchain evolution to the next level.

We are at a time where another fast-flowing and unprecedented bull run may be nearing in this crypto space, so setting up your portfolio with projects which have real intrinsic value and a unique value proposition now could be the difference between receiving a 10% ROI (return on investment), or 1000%.

7 High Potential / Low Market Cap Steals

Low Market Cap List

Achain (ACT)

Based in china, Achain is a public blockchain platform which allows developers of all levels to develop their own cryptocurrency. Like Ethereum, it can create and run smart contracts, allow for intellectual property protection and issue different types of digital assets.

It already has digital assets running on its platform such s Pundi X (a competitor to BitPay as a cryptocurrency payment terminal) and Kcash (decentralized platform which provides digital asset management and exchange services) amongst others.

Currently, ACT is not on some of the biggest exchanges such as Binance, Bitthumb, and Bittrex which means that there is potential for a big spike when they do bring it on to the exchanges.

At the time of writing, Achain is currently at $0.37 and has a lot of room for growth, with just over 100 million market capitalization (not even in the top 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization).

They already have a working wallet and Dapp platform, which is more than many other projects on coinmarketcap. They can currently transact with 1000 TPS (transactions per second), but when their second phase ‘Galaxy Forked Network’ is completed, they may be able to transact with 1 million TPS, on par with the plasma network, that Ethereum and OmiseGO are aiming to utilize for their scalability needs.

Whitepaper will be released and rebrand will take place in Q2 this year (any time from now until the end of June). Remember what happened when NEO rebranded from Antshares? The price soared. This does have the potential to follow the same trajectory as its neighbour.

Wanchain (WAN)

Providing cross-chain transfers across different ecosystems, Wanchain, forked from Ethereum, are creating a new financial market of digital assets. They will provide a decentralized and efficient way to swap between digital assets.

It is also a platform for Dapps (decentralized applications) catered towards the financial industry to be built.

If we look at the team, we can see some seasoned blockchain experts; the founder, Jack Lu, also founded Factom and Wanglu Tech (blockchain development company). Dustin Byington, president, founded the Bitcoin College in 2014,co-founded Tendermint (blockchain application replication tool) and Satoshi Talent (platform to connect developers and entrepreneurs).

One of their official partners is Kyber Network (KNC); a very promising decentralized exchange which allow for instant conversion of crypto assets with guaranteed liquidity.

Aimed at decentralizing the financial industry through cross-chain integration, businesses can use the blockchain with borrowing, lending, payments, transactions, exchanges and investing through Wanchain via smart contracts.

digital asset blockport

Blockport (BPT)

Blockport is a hybrid, decentralized exchange for buying and selling crypto assets, with the added integration of a social sharing platform. Trading with BPT will allow for discounted fees and users will be able to reward other users with BPT for sharing their trading strategies or portfolio.

One major partnership which is worth mentioning is with Delloite; one of the ‘big four’ accounting firms which dominate the industry worldwide.

Currently the market capitalization is just below 17 million market capitalization, which makes it one of the most promising, yet unknown crypto assets on the market today. For a product which has already released their Beta (they started development before their ICO), they are on the right path, although still far from their decentralized, atomic swap feature which will be integrated further along their development and roadmap.

By mixing up centralized trading with the decentralized storage of digital assets, this allows the best of both worlds in regards to usability and security.

new crypto asset

Ontology (ONT)

Ontology Is a Chinese project which aims to allow for communication across different blockchains, whilst being a platform for all different types of projects to integrate their infrastructure into the blockchain, without previous knowledge of blockchain technology.

Their own definition:

Ontology is a blockchain/distributed ledger network which combines a distributed identity system, distributed data exchange, distributed data collaboration, distributed procedure protocols, distributed communities, distributed attestation, and various industry-specific modules. Together this builds the infrastructure for a peer-to-peer trust network which is cross-chain, cross-system, cross-industry, cross-application, and cross-device.

As we can see, they aim to take the industry by storm, targeting it from different fronts and revolutionizing the way they interact, reminiscent of the IP / TCP integration which helped solve a similar issue which took some time after the internet was discovered.

A couple of issues which we are faced with trust networks currently are:

  • Poor privacy protection
  • Untapped data value
  • Data management monpoly
  • Ineffective identification authorization

Ontology seems to be able to solve these with the ecosystem that is being built.

Data (DTA)

With a concept that could find its place in a sci-fi movie, Data aims to decentralize and revolutionize advertising as we know it, with technology that is based on artificial intelligence.

Advertisement bots cost advertisers millions of dollars each year. If and when the technology shows proof of concept, it is highly likely that this coin will make it into the top ten because advertisement is big business.

Two of their partnerships are with Google’s AdMob and Facebook Audience which adds some weight onto the viability of this project, amongst others such as Vungle, Unity Ads, Tapjoy & Tencent Social Ads

digital asset whitepaper

As we can see from this snippet taken from their one-pager, they are set out to challenge the big issues we face with advertising to date, as well as the contrast between themselves and BAT.

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Dignity (DIG)

Formerly known as Unity Ingot (UNY), Cryptobonix have bought it from T.J.L. Holdings Inc. and carried on the interesting concept where the Dignity coin is backed by real gold. They have had a 70 percent coin burn (Destroying 7 billion tokens, so they have gone from 10 billion to a more manageable 3 billion), and each one is backed by 0.02445 grams of gold.

That means that currently trading around 5 cents, the proposed value of this token is $1.05 at the time of writing.

They also have 3 other coins on their agenda following the same concept:

  • 1 Silver Namaste Ingot (NAM) is equal to 3.659 grams silver bullion.
  • 1 Platinum Life Ingot (LIF) is equal to 0.101grams platinum bullion.
  • 1 Palladium Honor Ingot (HNR) is equal to 0.125 grams palladium bullion.
low market cap cryptocurrecy

Genesis Vision (GVT)

Genesis vision aims to revolutionize private trust management in financial markets. Essentially, you will be able to view the full transaparent history of a broker, giving you insight into whether they could prove to be profitable if you were to invest into them.

You invest your GVT into the broker and then they invest with your money, taking a small commission from your profits.

Genesis vision is a project which we believe is massively undervalued for a few reasons;

  • ‘First movers advantage’, bridging the gap between the cryptocurrency and financial market space.
  • The team already have access to brokerages which can contribute to the success of the platform.
  • Very low on the market cap list (not in top 100 coins). If it was to succeed, the price of each coin would be astronomical.

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