Privacy 101: Zencash Summary & Interview With Founding Team Member Jane Lippencott

Zencash Digital Assets

Zencash is an interesting project which aims to provide an all-in-one privacy solution, on the blockchain. They plan to anonymise transactions, messaging (already implemented through Zenchat), the transacting itself (through Zenhide), publishing and file transference (through Zenpub).


With scandals arising around social media leaking information to third parties, and laws tightening around our rights to privacy and free speech, anonymous messaging is highly sought after at a time where all our conversations have the potential to be monitored, stored and used against us. Due to its decentralized nature, Zenchat allows you to send encrypted messages peer to peer, away from the prying eyes of third parties.


Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers allow access to all content on the internet, without favouring, blocking or penalizing certain content regardless of its source. The sad reality is that these net neutrality laws expire on the 11th June in the USA with the potential for the rest of the world to follow, handing over a large amount of power which will disrupt how we interact with the internet as we know it.

What Zenhide will allow is a proxy service so that your IP address will be masked, hiding your true virtual identity, but also an interest concept will come into play called domain fronting.

This is where you will be able to transact across the blockchain, sending or receiving Zencash, whilst masking what you are actually doing. What your Internet Service Provider will see is something like ‘’ opposed to what you are actually doing. A clever innovation being worked on by the Zencash team.


Following on from this point on net neutrality, this leaves independent journalists in a dangerous place, especially when the subject at hand is a truth that powerful corporations do not want spread across the internet. What Zenpub will allow is a decentralized publishing platform, where contributors are incentivised to share information anonymously, with the added utility of peer-to-peer file uploads/downloads.

We have spoken to Jane Lippencott, Founding Team Member at Zencash, to answer a few pressing questions:

A Few Words With Jane Lippencott

Hi Jane, thank you for answering a few questions for us! Since I first saw the name, I've always been curious. Where did the name come from?

We selected the name “Zen” based on the abbreviation for Zero-knowledge Encrypted Network, since we are providing an end-to-end encrypted platform secured by zk-snarks and distributed over a hardened network of Secure Nodes (and soon – Super Nodes!). We also believe that the ability of individuals to secure their privacy and freedom is a prerequisite to global peace, so “Zen” also represents the state of mind our community members should be able to attain when using our network and knowing that their rights are being protected!

Why did you choose to fork from Zclassic?

We’ve progressed far past just being a Zclassic fork, but we chose to fork Zclassic because we recognized the power of Zcash’s offering of  a blockchain secured by zero-knowledge proofs and Zclassic’s slight addition by removing the opaque founders rewards.

What do we have to look forward to in 2018, and beyond?

Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out Super Nodes, and ramping up our efforts in building a prototype for on-chain decentralized governance in partnership with IOHK, among other neat developments! Lots to look forward to.

Roadmap for 2018

live updates from Zencash

Live Trello Board

A unique addition to the roadmap on the website, the Trello roadmap allows for real-time updates so we know where the Zencash team is at and what they are currently working on:

Trello roadmap

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